About Pro-Staffers LLC

Pro-Staffers LLC is a professional staffing, training and payroll solutions organization. Pro-Staffers LLC has been matching job seekers and employers since 2006. Today, Pro-Staffers LLC provides staffing services, training, payroll service and innovative solutions to more than 100 multinational and group of company in Bangladesh. With a commitment to “Great People = Great Results”, Pro-Staffers LLC is dedicated to being the Firm most respected by those we serve.

By understanding what drives our specialty industries, becoming involved in our communities on a professional and personal basis, following a disciplined process of identifying quality candidates, partnering with employers to understand their core business and their employment requirements, and delivering exceptional service, we achieve great results for all concerned.

Our Mission:

Pro-Staffers LLC’s mission is to empower employment. We are striving to organize the entire world's human capital data and make it meaningful for society.

Global Presence:

Pro-Staffers LLC operates in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and South America. Its sites, combined with partnerships and acquisitions, give Pro-Staffers LLC a presence in more than 60 markets worldwide.


More than 24 million unique visitors a month visit Pro-Staffers LLC to find new jobs and obtain career advice.


Pro-Staffers LLC power the career sites for more than 200 partners, including leading MNC such as Unilever Bangladesh and VIP Industries..

Our Vision

Pro-Staffers LLC will be a recognized leader in "Employee Self Service" modules.

Why Use A Professional Staffing Company?

“Recruiting is easy, just place an ad and they will come.” That used to be the mindset, but, with historically low supply of quality skills and increasingly technical workplaces, finding well qualified candidates has gotten harder than ever. Here are the top three reasons to use a professional staffing company.

Streamlining the hiring process saves time and money. Professional recruiters do the time consuming legwork for you. They search through hundreds of resumes to present you with a handful of the most qualified applicants. They pre-screen dozens of applicants so you interview only the very best. They schedule interviews, check references, negotiate employment terms, and complete legal paperwork.

Access to broader talent pool. Professional recruiters are professional net workers. The good ones have access to far more prospective employees than can be found on the job boards or through advertising. The best candidates are too busy at their current jobs to respond to ads or post their resumes online. These passive job seekers are found through proprietary databases and word-of-mouth by professional recruiters.

Personnel specialists. There’s often more to a resume or a job interview than first meets the eye or ear. High quality professional recruiters have the ability to spot hidden red flags and bring them to your attention. They can also help identify QoF® “quality of fit” with corporate culture which leads to long-term satisfaction.